Welcome to Oaklands Kids!

Here you will find general information about our children’s ministry. We hope you will the find answers you need here but if you have any questions in regard to our ministry, please ask us! Also, please check out the Parents Page for more information that can be found there!

Our Sunday children’s ministry has age specific areas in which each child is secure physically and is loved and cared for by approved and responsible adults and youth support staff. In Oaklands Kids, each child is valued and taught the Word of God in age appropriate ways that let our children learn and have fun during their time here.

Our Children’s Ministry includes infants right up to those in grade five. All of these children attend their class for the entire service. Please check out the appropriate page for more information.

Please register your child prior to 10:00 A.M. as this will allow them to get the full experience of their class.

“In essence,” a researcher noted, “what you believe by the time you are 13 is what you will die believing. Of course, there are many individuals who go through life-changing experiences in which their beliefs are altered, or instances in which a concentrated body of religious teaching changes one or more core beliefs. However, most people’s minds are made up and they believe they know what they need to know spiritually by age 13. Their focus in absorbing religious teaching after that age is to gain reassurance and confirmation of their existing beliefs rather than to glean new insights that will redefine their foundations.”

WOW! That sheds some light on why we believe Children’s Ministry is not a babysitting service but rather a real, vital, life-transforming ministry!

Each week significant effort is invested in the lives of your children. We always hear of how much ‘fun’ they had during their church experience but more importantly to us and hopefully to you as parents, is that we know they were also worshiping God and hearing His word taught in an age appropriate manner.

Workers undergo a detailed application process that includes a police check and are involved in training sessions each year to ensure top quality care. If a child comes to us with extra needs beyond the regular classroom, we do our best to find one-to-one caregivers to meet those needs. These individuals give support in the classroom to the child and the teachers.

We have a security system in place to protect and care for your children as well as a means to notify you during the service if you are needed in your child’s class. We also have first-aid people on standby, an abuse policy in place and overall care and control of all areas where children are present seeking to honour and care for your family so they can enjoy their time and you can relax and enjoy your time in the adult service.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you in this way!

Nursery (Birth – 1.5 years)

“>A Nursery Room with live simulcast is available for children and parents from birth to 18 months.


This room is always alive with excitement and joy. It’s where children between the ages of 18 months and 3 years’ experience “Sunday school”. These toddlers hear lessons and stories simple enough for them to understand and enjoy. The morning also consists of some occasional coloring, songs, and because they are busy exploring at this age, lots of free play. Volunteers seek to reinforce good play habits with their peers and model positive, God-honoring ways to handle conflict.

Age 4 – Grade 5

OBC KIDS provides care and spiritual direction for children from 4 years of age through Grade 5. Our desire is to come alongside parents and guardians to equip, support, and inspire them as the primary spiritual leader in the lives of their children. Our role in OBC KIDS is to supplement the teaching supplied in the home with church-based programs, activities, teaching, and events in order to help children understand who God is and what Jesus has done for them.It is our goal in this ministry to help children and families understand that Jesus needs to be the foundation for life from their earliest days. Children will see the love of Christ gently modelled through our OBC volunteers who care for their needs by simply sharing God’s word through the safe, fun, environment in which they play and learn.Your child will have opportunity to learn, worship, and explore in both small and large group settings through relevant, purposeful, and engaging activities.The first time that you bring your child to OBC KIDS please register them at our OBC KIDS Welcome Desk in the foyer and you will be directed by one of our volunteers to the correct classroom.


Monday nights the church is a buzz of kids aged 4 – 12. Large group, singing, small group, games – all to learn more about our Awesome God!!