Our foundation is Jesus Christ

Our Foundations

The foundation of our church is our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

These four foundations sum up what Oaklands Bible Chapel is all about.

3 W’s of Discipleship

Mature disciples worship Christ, walk with Christ and work for Christ. At Oaklands Bible Chapel we emphasize a quality of discipleship, not a quantity of disciples.

The 3W are actionable characteristics of a disciple of Christ.

  • Worship Christ

    Experience the sufficiency and express the supremacy of Christ through a lifestyle of worship.

    ( 2 Timothy 4:2 )

  • Walk with Christ

    Faithful reading of God’s Word, prayer and fellowship with other believers.

    ( John 4:24 )

  • Work for Christ

    Minister to one another and serve in the capacity each person has been gifted with.

    ( Ephesians 6:18 )